Water Damage


- If your phone has been damaged by liquid.

Please Email




Front/Rear Camera


- Camera or flash doesnt work or is blurry

£30 - 15 minute repair




Battery Replacement


- If your battery has a short life or doesn't charge

£25 - 15 minute repair




Charging Port Repair


- Doesn't connect to the USB cable or charge

£25- 15 minute repair




Ear or Loudspeaker Repair


- For non functioning or quiet ear or loudspeaker
£25 - 15 minute repair




Mute/Volume Buttons


- For non functioning/faulty volume buttons

£30 - 15 minute repair




Power Button Repair


- For non functioning/faulty power button

£30 - 15 minute repair




Home Button Repair


- For non functioning/faulty home button

£25 - 15 minute repair




Proximity/Light Sensor


- If the sensor on the front isn't detecting light.

£25 - 15 minute repair




Microphone Repair


- If you can not be heard on a call or Facetime

£25 - 15 minute repair




Headphone Jack Repair


- For issues with the headphone jack - e.g. crackly.

£25 - 15 minute repair




WiFi/Antenna Issues


- For poor signal or not connecting to a wi-fi network.

£30 - 15 minute repair











For Network Unlocking please click here


PLEASE NOTE: If 2 or more repairs are needed on the same device, the second, third repair etc will be discounted to £15 per repair. The most expensive repair i.e. a screen replacement, will always be considered the 'first' repair.

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“Highly recommended. Good communication and swift service. Iphone screen good as new and value price as well. Repair completed within 20 mins after dropping it off. Will use again if another mishap occurs!”


Lee, Manchester

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